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WoTD: a Renaissance array

I'm happy to say that I was able to put together a workable version of my Renaissance Faire outfit in time for attendance last weekend. And thank goodness, too, as it'll be the last chance this year I have to go! I am, in general, happy with the way it turned out. However, there are quite a few things that need fixing and updating, and I would be very glad of some C&C!


If you'll remember from a few weeks back, I had most of this outfit complete and sitting around before I finally got down to constructing a bodice. I knew that that would be challenge, being the most time consuming and requiring of the most work and skill. I ended up knocking the bodice out in a day (...oy), but I'm afraid that the results are telling.


As you can see, tension and pull has already caused the fabric around the grommets to begin to give way. You can see the (very) non-period lining I used to save a little money poking through, and I can only imagine that it will get worse with time. Part of the problem is that I am at least five pounds too heavy to be wearing an outfit this constricting. The bottom of the bodice kept riding up to compensate for my "food baby" pooch, and it took quite the hemming and hawing to get myself laced in. Could I have made the bodice larger to compensate? Maaaayyybe. However, my proportions are weird (being myself only 4'10"), so there was some challenge with getting the length to coordinate with the girth. Besides, better a bit too small than too big - I can certainly use this as my excuse to lose some weight. And I do firmly declare that I shan't wear this outfit again until I have shed at least five pounds. To do otherwise would be just embarrassing.

And then there's the problem with the back...


It is not a long bodice, and I opted out of adding the drapy bits to the bottom. Thus, we get this gap in the back where you can see quite a bit of my undertunic. Yikes! Part of the problem is that my skirt needs to be taken in. For whatever odd reason, despite my pokey belly, my waist itself is still pretty slim. Will taking the skirt in and wearing it high up on my hips help solve this problem, or is there something else I could do?

And that's that! For now, at least. My next costuming project will have to wait until after the holiday season; I've planned far too many crafty Christmas gifts to justify taking time out to sew for myself. But I'm hoping that next up "On the Dress Form" will be a Regency gown, something I've wanted for quite a long time. So here's to hoping!
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