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Resolutions for the new year... and some Regency-inspired hair!

Most people put together a list of resolutions for the new year, half-heartedly committing to seeing them done. They usually (in my case, at least) include losing weight, being nicer to strangers, etc. And while I have a few of those - the weight one in particular - I've also put together a list of sewing/crafting resolutions to see me through the entirely of 2013.

My biggest project (and the one which would need to be completed sooner than the rest) is the Regency ensemble that I hope to have done for my birthday on April 17. In honor of the occasion, I am inviting a few close friends to afternoon tea at a local hotel that does a really lovely spread, and to top all, I at least will be in my Austen-inspired best! I've always wanted a reason to make a dress like Elizabeth Bennett, and this will be the impetus to move me along.

While I'm still in the process of settling on a pattern and although I have yet to even begin thinking about fabric, I've been playing around with little things that fit into my busy schedule. One of those is the hair, because one does not simply don a Regency-era gown and go around with a ponytail! Heavens, the scandal. So I found a YouTube video with a tutorial that makes a decent up-do, and I tried it out.


Add some ringlets to the front and, perhaps, some decorate hair bob, and I think I might just have something!

I desperately need to start picking out colors, figuring out which corresponding undergarments it would be feasible to tackle in that time span, and get to work on the accessories (a bonnet and reticule, at the very least). As soon as I have updates, they shall be posted, post haste!

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