muffincostumes (muffincostumes) wrote,

Historicity request!

I may be fishing by asking for a "historicity" check, but I would love some feedback!

The following piece of jewelry came to me in a bag of costume pieces from a lovely lady at the religious center I worked at while studying at university. I've always thought it was lovely, but I've had trouble finding suitable clothing to wear with it. Now that I'm planning my Regency outfit and thinking about sticking to a "blue" color theme, I'm wondering whether this wouldn't be a nice accessory to add to the mix.


I'll be doing some research of my own, but as I know that there are some informed costumers lurking about, can anyone guide me towards an opinion on whether this would be fitting for a Regency gown ensemble? My thanks, mes amis, in advance!

NOTE: the picture doesn't do the proportions justice, but this is a choker.
Tags: jewelry, regency ensemble

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