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Wherein my birthday gown is quickly becoming an Ang Lee replica (...sort of)!

The best part of my bizarre (read: playing hostess to my dad's friends, running random errands, and taking care of my elderly gran) weekend came while I was out with my aunt. We went to the local Super Walmart (better known as "Consumer Hell"), and I took  advantage of the opportunity to check out their fabric stash. Many Walmarts in our state have eliminated the fabric section, so it's quite nice to have this one around. And lo! I found a lovely, blue jacquard that I plan on using for my birthday tea gown:


NOTE: The color is, in fact, a bit darker than it comes out in this photo.

And the greatest bit is, I bought this for $3/yard! This would have been the most expensive part of the construct for this outfit as I had to purchase 4.5 yards, but I only ended up paying about $15 for this plus the blue thread to accompany it. Score!

My conundrum now, however, is whether to go through with my plan of making an accompanying spencer jacket. I had originally planned on a neutral-toned dress with a blue spencer, but now I'm thinking that too much blue would be problematic. My options seem to be A) to forgo the jacket altogether, or B) to make it in another color completely. But what color? I'll be wearing it in April, which in North Carolina tends to be quite warm. Thus, necessity will not actually demand the wearing of a jacket. I'll also be wearing it in London, but even there, I don't anticipate particularly chilly weather. Thoughts?

It also occurs to me that I have inadvertently chosen a color and a pattern that will greatly mimic Eleanor's day gown from Ang Lee's 1995 adaptation of "Sense & Sensibility." See?


Now, granted, her gown is not made of a jacquard but rather a muslin or broadcloth. But the colors are very similar, and the cut of the neckline and the waist will be pretty darn close. Plus, I have a sheer, white scarf with flower embroidery that I plan to wear tucked into aforementioned neckline, rather like Miss Dashwood. Thus, I rest my case :D
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