muffincostumes (muffincostumes) wrote,

Concerning bonnets!

I'm finally at a place where I can start contemplating my accessories for my Regency ensemble! I've settled on the fabric for the gown, and now I'd like to begin planning my bonnet. I have a lovely (wiiiiiiiiide-brimmed) straw hat from World Market that I'd like to repurpose for the occasion, but I'm stuck on whether or not to keep the straw crown of the hat or to include a softly-gathered fabric piece.


I'm going to trim the brim so that it's about 3 inches thinner than it is now, and I'll probably shape the brim as it nears what will be the neck so that it has the tapered, Regency bonnet look. I'll likely have to put some sort of binding around the rim so that it doesn't unravel any further, but beyond that, should I keep the straw crown or add fabric?

In other words, it can look like this:


Or this:


Either way, the crown will be trimmed in ribbon which will drape down the sides for tying at the chin. I may even add some decorative bits like some fake flowers.

Tags: hat, query, regency ensemble

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