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It's been a troll's age!

We're getting closer and closer to summer (thank the gods of the sewing room), and I'm starting to think about costuming again. We have an excellent little con here to the Carolinas that I'm desperate to go to, and I'm like some interesting outfits to wear. Two years ago, I went as Effie and was quite a hit despite the ensemble being rather haphazard; this year, I'd like something (or someTHINGS) that is/are a bit more professional and... well, cooler!

I've wanted to do River Song's "The Wedding of River Song" outfit for a while now. I love the eye-patch "drives" and the fact that the outfit itself is kickin' as well as sexy without being revealing. After some suggestions a while back from fellow costumers and friends, I'm thinking that I can make the outfit uniquely mine by adapting Simplicity 2172. The "coat" and skirt pieces would need to be shorter and that hideous ruff around the collar would have to go, but the look isn't immensely far off, and with the right shoes, the hair, and the eye-drive, I don't see why it couldn't work. Suggestions? Better ideas?

I also recently learned about a pub uptown called "Valhalla" that has sparked in me an intense desire to show up in my Asgardian best to demand an ale. After some "Thor" rewatches, I've decided that a Lady Sif costume would be pretty neat, but I have no idea how to go about creating faux armor. I know some of you have done that sort of thing before: perhaps you could lead me towards some tutorials or videos that I might peruse?

Otherwise, it's definitely high time I put together an Edwardian ensemble to celebrate the brilliance that is "Downton Abbey." I had hoped to have a Downton-themed birthday tea this year, but considering my birthday is less than a month away and I'm up to my neck in grading and end-of-term preparations, there's now way that that's going to happen. So I'll keep my hopes up on that coming to fruition sometime in the future.
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