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Maleficent: I want ALL the costumes!!

Despite having made absolutely no progress on any of the costumes I mentioned in my last post (Lady Sif or an Edwardian ensemble), I'm already having costume fantasies about the movie "Maleficent." Besides being an absolutely brilliant film with a story to make you swoon, the costumes were. Freaking. AMAZING. My desire to channel Maleficent is intense, but as I am not an Amazoness ala Ms. Jolie, I thought I might be able to pull off a pretty decent child Maleficent. (I am, after all, a mere 4'10").



The dress itself would be simple, and straightening my hair would be no trouble at all. I even have the right shade of lipstick! The real hassle would be the wings and the horns. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for making feathered wings and artificial horns? The pointed ears I can do - they'll take some work, but I've seen tutorials for those and I'm pretty confident they wouldn't be too hard. But I've never attempted wings, and while I could probably flub some workable horns, I would love insight from anyone who's either made such before or has seen resources that might be helpful!
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