Melisandre, the final updates

I went to a Halloween party (first of the year for me), and I brought my Melisandre along to play. There's a lot more that I'd like to do to her, but there simply isn't enough time. I'd love to bring her along to a con sometime in the near future, and if I do, I definitely have some alterations that I'd like to make. But for now, here she is!

Unfortunately, there aren't any great pictures of the makeup. It isn't particularly special, but I thought it was effective and subtly... exotic?


You can't tell from this picture, but I'm wearing dark brown boots in a sort of half-leather half-suede that have about a 2 inch heel. I'm only 4'10", so any little bit of leverage I can get is good.


Unfortunately, the general consensus is that I'm too "adorable" to be scary. Darn it, bubbly personality!! My acting skills are clearly rusty and need to be taken out and polished.
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And may the odds be EVER in your favor!

I love dressing up in ridiculous outfits and taking to the streets. Going out in those outfits in the company of people I love is even better. And going to a school function dressed in one of my most ridiculous ensembles to introduce movie night in front of a few dozen teenagers? FANTASTIC FUN.

The community service club hosted a movie night on campus, showing "The Hunger Games" and selling concessions. They asked me a few days ago whether I would be willing to come and host as Effie Trinket, seeing as I already had the costume from last year. I spent an entire day working in my Effie ensemble, and it made quite an impression! So I became the Capitol Emcee, introducing the movie and taking requests for a few impromptu photo shots. I'll need to buy a new wig soon as this one is getting scruffy, but this outfit never fails to be awesome (and disgustingly simple, thrown together from things either borrowed or already owned). The makeup is definitely the best part.

So! Here are a few quick shots, just for giggles. If any of the kids get around to sending me the pictures they took of the whole thing, I'll happily share. Cheers!

And may the odds be EVER in your favor!

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Wig? Check!

After some scrounging, I came upon the perfect wig for my Melisandre costume at a local costume shop. I am head-over-heels in love with it, and I spent most of the day today running around town on errands while wearing it and basking in its coppery radiance.


After taking this picture, I found a nice eye/lip-liner to even out the tone of my eyebrows. For the price I snagged it, this wig turned out to be quite good quality, and if you don't look too hard, it doesn't look too far from natural!

My big task now is finding/making a suitable necklace. The ensemble just isn't complete without Melisandre's red stone! I went to the craft shop this afternoon and was frustrated by a lack of anything useful; their jewelry supplies, while in good supply, just didn't have what I was looking for. I will try AC Moore after school next week (as it's on the way home), but I'm still having trouble visualizing what I would want the necklace to look like. I know that I won't get anything like the TV version, but I'd like for it to be distinctive and to look powerful - as befits a priestess of the Lord of Light. Keeping my fingers crossed that next week's sojourning goes well!

"For the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors" - Melisandre, Pt. 1

I'm reusing my "Priestess of Pompeii" outfit for my Hallowe'en Melisandre costume. I'm so glad it's getting use! And it should work quite well, actually. I need to hem the sleeves (I had them pinned before and never got around to actually making the change permanent) and it could do for some trim. But at this point, the main thing that needs to happen is the addition of the accessories!


Note: the picture above is my take on the priestesses of Pompeii garb from "The Fires of Pompeii," Doctor Who. I would (obviously) not use the make-up, jewelry, and hand-markings for Melisandre.

There needs to be a belt to add some "jazz" to the red uniformity, and I definitely need to find the perfect necklace. I got some great suggestions from the last post, and I'm planning a trip to Michael's to scope out my options this weekend. I'm not sure how creative I'll be able to get, having little to no jewelry-making experience, but maybe I'll come across something unique!

WotDF: "What's on the dress form?"

Since this picture was taken, I've hemmed the skirt and added hook and eye fastenings to the back. The undershirt was made for last year's Renaissance Faire, and while it isn't perfect, it's serving its purpose quite well. Still to come is a bodice or underbust corset and some kind of belt with at least one pouch for holding the trappings of the modern world (i.e. camera, cell phone) without looking completely out of character.


Any ideas for what might be added to this ensemble to make it more authentic? Trinkets, bags, arm braces, etc.? I'm open to suggestions! This outfit is definitely more rustic than elegant, so anything suitable to a seasoned, Highland lass would do just fine.

A very good place to start!

In need of a place to house the chronicles of my costuming and general clothes creation, I emerged from the quagmire of the Internet and lo! As of Thursday, September 13th at 4:34PM, this journal is GO!

All rhymes and ridiculous introductions aside, this journal is a place to house my costuming progress. I typically craft solely for myself and whatever the Muse demands; thus far, this has manifest in a number of cosplay outfits for Harry Potter and Doctor Who as well as some period pieces for my own edification. Working full time as a high school teacher, my time is limited and my projects are sadly few. However, I have quite a number of up-and-coming pieces, and my hope is that by having a place on the Web to post my progress, I will maintain something akin to a schedule. Or at least finish things!

I am currently working on a book-accurate Melisandre (from GRRM's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series) for the upcoming Halloween season. Also in the works are a Regency day dress, a possible Steampunk-inspired River Song (BBC's Doctor Who), and a Renaissance outfit in Highland colors and pattern.